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Bag Closer Sewing Machine

Bag Closer Sewing Machine(portable)

The "D"Model which comes with a self lubricating system. These can be used to close a very wide variety of bags. ... Equipped with latest automatic thread cutter

Maximum Sewing Speed: 8000 rpm AC Motor
Drive Type: AC Drive
Power:- AC/DC MOTOR: 1/10
Requirement:- 1/10 hp 8000rpm 220V, 1.5 amps
Also available with 110V AC/DC Motor. :
Sewing Speed :-1600 -1800 stitches per minute 5 to 8 Bags per minute.
Type of stitch:- Federal stitch type Single Thread Chain-Stitch.
Stitch Length :-3.5 stitches / Inch (25.4mm) fixed.
Type Of Bags All kinds of Multi-Wall Paper, Kraft- Paper, Burlap, Cotton, PP\ PE, Hessian, Woven Polypropylene bags etc.
Needle DBx1 200/25 (Groz Backert, Germany).
Lubricant 2T oil only.
Weight 6 Kg. 800 gms. (Including Thread Cone).
DIMENSIONS (17"W)x(11"D)x(14"H). 44cm x29cmx36cm.

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